Frequently Asked Questions


What information do you need in order to provide a quote?

An electrical specification with single line drawing is ideal, but if not available then a sketch will do or even a clear description of what the board is going to be required to do.

What is the lead time required for a small distribution board, or something bigger?

Lead times vary depending on the size of the board, cabinetry used and the type of components specified. A small DB may only require a couple of days, whereas a larger board will need a number of weeks. We do not start to build a board until we are sure we have all of the relevant information and drawings approved. It is important to get the design right so that the solution meets the requirements.

Have you priced XXX Project?

In most cases “Yes”. We are asked to price most projects in the lower North Island so if you are putting in a tender for a project in our area that requires switchboards it is likely that we have been asked to price it and have already done the work. It does take time to prepare a quote so please contact us well before your deadline. We are happy to provide a quotation to your company.... just ask!

Do you deliver all around NZ?

Yes. While the bulk of our customers are based in the lower North Island, we can supply anywhere in NZ. Email enables us to receive specifications, design solutions and gain approvals for boards irrespective of location. We wrap all our boards in corrugated cardboard and plastic before transporting to the delivery address. Larger boards are placed on pellets to enable fork lift access.

I am working on a site that has an old switchboard that really isn’t up to handling the load of the site once completed. What are my options?

We really need to see what state the existing board is in, but usually it is more cost effective to replace the board than try and modify an old board. If the board is one of ours and relatively new we may be able to add on capacity. We can do a site visit if it is in the Wellington region or you can send us photos so we can evaluate the board and make recommendations.

Do you charge for quotations and site visits?

No. We don’t charge for quotes and site visits in the Wellington region are all part of the service. We recognise that it is good practice for customers to get more than one quote. Our repeat customers know that our workmanship is excellent and we are competitively priced. However, we usually are awarded the job if we have been asked to design a solution after a site visit.

What documentation do you provide with your boards?

We always provide the customer with a CAD drawing of the proposed board including a line schematic for approval prior to manufacture. Once the board is complete we provide “as built drawings” which can incorporate any modifications made on site when the board is installed. Photographs of the boards are taken before leaving the factory, are stored in our database for reference and can be made available to our customers if required. A declaration of conformity can be provided if requested.

What components do you stock?

We stock a range of commonly used MCBs, MCCBs, isolators, contactors, enclosures and enclosure mounting components, pan assemblies, masking panels and copper bar. Components not held in stock can often be ordered in overnight.

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