Enclosure Options

Excel Modular Metalwork

Excel’s Modular Metalwork was developed to be compatible with existing “Gael” and “Giles and Elliot” cabinets which feature on many sites. The modular design provides a wide range of cabinet options and configurations to truly customise the optimal solution. The cabinet components are sourced locally, powder coated and stocked in our factory, allowing for very fast turnaround of orders if required. IP rating IP31.

NHP Modular

Designed in NZ for NZ conditions, NHP Modular is a steel switchboard enclosure system that comes in various different sizes with 3 standard depths, providing a broad range of options in cabinet design. IP ratings of IP40 and IP54 are available.

Schneider Prisma Type Tested Systems

As a Prisma Partner, we have access to the Schneider Prisma type tested systems.

Prisma G is suitable for all types of low voltage distribution switchboards up to 630A, with IP rating choices of IP30, IP31, IP43 and IP55. Wall mounted and floor standing enclosures are available.

Prisma P Plus is suitable for sites up to 4000A, and has IP ratings of IP30, IP31 or IP55.

This is a modular system that has been validated by type tests as per standards IEC 61439-1&2, and includes a comprehensive range of enclosures and cubicles.

The system is compatible with Schneider Electric devices resulting in a highly dependable installation. The modular design of Prisma Plus switchboards enables easy modification as required.

The system is designed to minimise any risk to the operator. Devices are installed behind protective front plates and only the operating handles are accessible. Additional internal separations protect against direct contact with live parts. Terminal shields are mandatory in some circumstances.


Some switchboards require cabinets that are required to withstand the elements outdoors. There are a number of options available that come with the required IP rating, including:

Other Services

Component Sales

We carry a range of electrical components and metalwork in stock, specifically to meet the needs of our customer base and allow timely delivery of common boards.

Powder Coating

We run our own in-house powder coating operation which allows us to deliver a specific colour option, or match an existing installation.

AutoCAD Drafting

Our Team are available to draft proposed switchboards or to prepare “As Built” drawing for external parties. All of the boards we produce are accompanied by “As Built” drawings.


Pump Stations & Irrigation Switchboards

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